I’m an engineer, former ESCOM, looking forward getting a MSc. degree and who knows, maybe a PhD. (who doesn’t like being called Doctor, haha!)

Always looking to learn stuff, it doesnt matter if it’s math, a new programming language or a cooking recipe (yum!).

I’m a huge coffee enthusiast who happens to love lists, so lets make a new one about other things I like:

  • AI (beware of those sneaky bots!)
  • Python (hell yeah!)
  • LaTeX (MS word sucks big time)
  • Linux
    • Gnome
    • Fedora
  • Lisp
  • Did I mention coffee?
  • Online privacy
    • Telegram (those secret chats are cool, huh?)
    • Wickr
    • Wire
    • Signal
  • Markdown, obviously!

So thats abot the size of it. I’ve been tech-inactive for a while but I’m back!

Remember guys, use Telegram and TeX.